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柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏碰见 不行预见

发布时间:2021-01-29 15:59


Hometown is the land whose soil nurtures you. For someone who lives far away from hometown, the soil has turned into a teapot.

柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏遇见 不可预见


Dingshu Town in Yixing City is a well-known pottery hub in China. Zisha soil here is one of the best raw materials to make Zisha teapot.



It has to be left on the roadside for about half a year before we can use it. Zisha soil is different from the general clay, as the former is sedimentary rock in the lake bottom. Its content is high in sand while relatively low in mud, resulting in strong air and water permeability.

柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏遇见 不可预见


Voiceover: Making a Zisha ware is like talking to oneself. The first impression of a teapot feels like meeting a person for the first time.



The teapot offers a glimpse of the personality of its owner. This teapot, despite its irregular shape, still upholds the traditional Chinese philosophy of golden mean. It shares the idea that one should be an upright person.



We only settle down for work when we are in the right mood, but that mood doesn’t come to you every day. So the making of the teapot is not accomplished at one stroke as it has to be adjusted constantly.


柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏遇见 不可预见


A teapot bears many people’s expectations. The Rock Teapot is tailor-made at the request of Ms. Dai Song. The teapot is rich in emotions, with polished details reminiscent of the time and energy taken for its creation.



It’s almost impossible to have a very perfect wood-fired teapot. A perfect product is something that we can’t ask for.


柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏遇见 不可预见


Coming out from the kiln itself is a much-anticipated step with a strong sense of mystery.



Arts pursue perfection, but the beauty of wood-fired just lies in imperfection, or a natural sense of Zen. One cannot expect a decent work after going through the kiln just once, but such uncertainty is the biggest charm of wood-fired pottery.


柴烧紫砂:只可126直营游戏遇见 不可预见


For Zisha teapot craftsmen, soil, craftsmanship, time and temperature make the process of endowing a teapot with soul, as the teapot is alive.